Feedback from Schools

Reports and feedback are invaluable.

Excellent communication.

It is lovely to have such a good working relationship with such a fantastic educational institution.

Feedback from Parents / Carers

More confident overall personally and academically. Behaviour at home is better.

Student W has become so much calmer and worries a lot less.

My child is no longer isolated.

You have taken the time to understand X and guide him the right way.

Fantastic provision has enabled student Y to keep up with his peers.

Amazing progress! She really enjoys her lessons and ends each one feeling a sense of achievement which is great to see.

I would like to say thank you for all of teachers that have worked alongside Z. He is a wonderful child but I also know that his behaviour can be trying at the best of times. A lot of issues Z had previous to starting at VLC no longer seem to be present. Thank you for sticking with him.

Feedback from Students

I used to hate my old school but I love my new school

I would like to thank everybody for supporting me along the way and making the campus a nice place to be