SEN Co-ordinator

Lara Morawiec [E-Mail not displayed]

All young people at the VLC have significant barriers to learning, due to a range of reasons including social, emotional and mental health difficulties.  However, we also recognise that many of our students struggle with literacy and numeracy, which can also be a barrier to their learning.  Some will have specific learning needs such as dyslexia.

When a student is referred to us, we liaise with schools to ensure that we have as much information as possible about their individual needs. All pupils undertake assessments when they start with us, including assessing literacy levels. These baseline assessments are used to help identify targets for success and measure the progress the young people make during their time at VLC.

We aim to re-engage all young people, help them feel safe, secure and supported to achieve. Teachers and support staff recognise that young people learn and develop in different ways.  Teaching is planned to cater for these individual needs, including pupils’ social and emotional development and any requirement for extra help.

We work closely with many partners including parents/carers. Other specialist external specialists include the Youth Offending Team, CAMHS, Educational Psychology, School Nurse, Social Care and Community Paediatrician. Additionally where other agencies, such as Victims Support or counselling services, are working with our pupils, we seek to work together to ensure that appropriate support and strategies are in place.

Please see the information report below for further details

SEN Provision Map