General Data Protection Regulation

As a parent / carer you may receive some letters from us regarding GDPR. Some of these may be about consent and some about updating your information with us. We would appreciate it if you would read all information you receive and send back any relevant documents back to the Centre.

The General Data Protection Regulation was introduced on 25th May 2018. It strengthens and unifies all data held within an organisation.

For more information about GDPR please click here to visit the ICO wesite.


A great deal of the processing of personal data undertaken by schools will fall under a specific legal basis, “in the public interest”. As it is in the public interest to operate schools successfully, it will mean that specific consent will not be needed in the majority of cases in schools.

At Voyage Learning Campus we have

  • A registered Data Protection Officer
  • Embedded GDPR requirements into policies and day to day activities
  • Implemented technical measures to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Provided regular staff training on GDPR
  • Explored how we monitor data protection across the school.

GDPR is central to our day to day culture. We already highly value and protect all or our students, parents and staff data and will continue to do so in the presence of GDPR.

The VLC uses closed circuit television (CCTV) images to reduce crime and monitor the school buildings in VLC Weston (KS4) and VLC Milton (KS1 and KS2) to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors and to prevent the loss or damage to school property. The system comprises a number of fixed cameras and the system does not have sound recording capability. The images captured by the CCTV will be retained for a maximum of 14 days except where the image identifies an issue and is retained specifically in the context of an investigation / prosecution of that issue.

The VLC has the following documents available

  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy
  • Privacy Notice for students
  • Privacy Notice for staff
  • Privacy Notice for visitors
  • CCTV Policy

If you have any data protection enquiries or a Subject Access Request please email [E-Mail not displayed]