Advice for Students

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government has decided that the Summer 2021 examination series will not go ahead as planned. Instead, teachers will determine your grades, based upon a range of evidence verified by your school or college.

These results will then be reviewed by the exam boards who designed each course, before awarding the final grades which reflect your performance on content you have been taught, and allow you to confidently progress to the next stage of your education or into employment.

This JCQ document provides an overview of the most important information that you and your parents or guardians need to know about how grades will be awarded this summer. This includes a timeline of what is happening and when; how teachers, schools and colleges will determine your grades; and when you will receive your results.

JCQ and the exam boards have been working together actively to support teachers, schools and colleges to determine your grades this summer. Your school or college will be setting their own approach for teachers to follow which will be developed in line with guidance from the exam boards, Ofqual and the Department for Education.

Key Dates - Post Publication of Results

Key Dates for priority appeals*

10 August to 16 August 2021 Window for students to request a centre review
10 August to 20 August 2021 Centres conduct centre reviews
10 August to 23 August 2021 Centres submit appeals to awarding organisations

* A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice (i.e. the offer they accepted as their first choice) and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result.

Key dates for non-priority appeals

From result day to 3 September 2021 Window for students to request a centre review
From result day to 10 September 2021 Centres conduct centre reviews
From result day to 17 September 2021 Centres submit appeals to awarding organisations

Publication Dates

Publication of GCE AS and A-level results – 10 August 2021
Publication of GCSE results – 12 August 2021

Appeals Guidance

Students’ grades have been determined by schools and colleges this year as teachers are best placed to do this. The appeals process is a critical safety net in the event that anything goes wrong to ensure that each learner has an individual right to appeal their grades via a transparent process of review.

Please read the JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 and VLC Summer 2021 Results and Appeals Process documents below for full information. All appeals should be sent to [E-Mail not displayed] 

Centre Policy for Centre Assessed Grades

VLC Centre Policy that reflects our individual circumstances based on the template provided by JCQ.

This policy takes account of the guidance provided in the document: JCQ Guidance on the determination of grades for A/AS Levels and GCSEs for summer 2021